Are Annuities Better Than CDs

Anytime a question is poses as “are XYZs better than ABCs?” it invites controversy especially when it involves a comparison of “apples and oranges”.  No one will argue against the notion that annuities, or, for that matter, any particular investment vehicle, aren’t for everybody. This presupposes, using the same rationale in reverse that CDs are […]

Alternatives to Annuity Investment

Investors who consider annuities for their investment portfolio need to do so in the context of an overall strategy that is based on their long term objectives, time horizon, and their financial concerns. They should also be viewed as but one component of an asset allocation plan that achieves optimum diversification and balance for their […]

Understanding Annuity Costs

There have been enough written and said about annuities to know that they do include certain costs that you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter with other types of investment products. Still, it is interesting that annuity critics try to illustrate cost disparities by comparing them with the other products. It’s not a fair comparison considering that annuities […]

How Annuitization Works

When using big term such as, “annuitization,” it’s best to provide a literal definition and then explain what it means in terms that we can all understand. Literally speaking, annuitization is the process of converting a lump sum of capital into a series of periodic payments for specific period of time, or an individual’s lifetime. […]